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The Ideation

The pandemic paved the way for the new normal in the education ecosystem with students getting used to digital devices, online content and learning, enhanced world view and aspirations. At the same time, access to content mixed with advertisements, numerous distractions, multiplicity of teaching platforms, digital unpreparedness and social isolation led to challenges for both learning and parenting. The education ecosystem was caught in a dilemma on how to engage the students meaningfully in a classroom setting while preserving social skills, peer-to-peer connect and discipline, while motivating teachers in such a dynamic scenario.Parents were seeking something that may keep their children's curiosity alive and make them future-ready with quality and uninterrupted content. In aforesaid backdrop, our team of experienced, passionate and talented folks spanning Silicon Valley, UK and India has developed an integrated and stimulating educational platform called "Scholar Planet" for students, teachers, parents and schools.


To provide the next generation with quality resources, leveraging technology, to learn, grow and hone their mental skills while empowering and assisting teachers in schools, in a motivating learning environment.


To create an Integrated Platform for the Education Ecosystem, to supplement in-class learning for kids across the globe, leveraging technology and strong data analytics, to Engage, Enable, Empower and Enhance the efficiency of -

An average Student: Play, Learn and Explore by giving them a chance to learn at their own pace, without stress, and helping them to hone their strengths and work on weaknesses;

An average Teacher: Expert Teaching Assistant through seamless access & delivery of quality content by peer teachers and ease of assigning to students, with real time reports and feedback.

A Parent: Know your kid better with regular reports and give them a gentle yet informed nudge in the right direction.

A School: Performance review at a click to objectively engage students and teachers and assess the performance of both.

Gauri Kumar- The Powerhouse

GK envisions and guides the affairs of our company. With more than 40 years of administrative experience in leadership positions in state and central government, she builds and nurtures our Team, carries them along and leads them through to the goals set for the team and organization.

Chaman Kumar- The Backbone

CK brings in the skills required for running a company and managing its finances. Leveraging 38 years of administrative leadership experience in the government, including board level positions in public/private sector companies, CK brings his keen acumen to run the company efficiently to achieve its vision and objectives.

Abhi N- The Visionary
(Backend Developer/ Architect)

AN is a creative and enterprising technocrat with a keen appreciation of the education Eco- system and technology application. Highly skilled at developing Application Program Interfaces (APIs) with 15+ years of experience, AN is actively involved in setting up the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the company.

Parul M- The All Rounder
(System Analyst)

Parul beautifully grasps the goals of the platform and comes up with creative and practical solutions. She plays a key role in enhancing the user experience of the application by helping and monitoring the quality team to deliver the best product to the customers. She also assists in creating and vetting content for the application.

MS- The Technoid
(Product Lead and IOS Developer)

MS develops application for mobile devices powered by Apple's IOS operating system. MS has a profound understanding of the iOS ecosystem and how it works on different Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone and develops applications accordingly. He brings in his vast experience in developing an efficient version of our application.

Arnav N- The Champion
(End User)

At all of 10 years, Arnav is a demanding customer and guides the development of the application from end-user perspective. With experience in comparable applications, Arnav provides valuable inputs regarding features to be incorporated to enhance user satisfaction. Arnav thus brings his keen insights and aspirations to the Platform.

Nehapriya- The Crackerjack
(UI/UX Designer)

Neha creates user-centric designs by combining business requirements and user feedback. With her impressive UI skills, she works on all aspects of a product including design, usability and function. She brings her keen design sensibility and creativity to add to the fun element in the app.

Susmitha Mukkamala

Susmitha work on digital marketing strategies and social media handling. I am here to drive traffic, convert leads. I do data analytics, competitor analysis, keyword analysis and deep research to get the best and make the app standout.

Our Advisors

Visionary Leader & Education Pioneer

Mr. K.J. Alphons

Innovative Technologist & Chief Digital Officer

Dr. Rohit Chandra

Passionate Educator & Science Contributor

Ms. Shivanjani Naidu

Entrepreneurial Luminary & Educational Visionary

Yogesh Andlay

Strategic Mentor & Startup Maestro

Nikhil Parmar


Ritika Vohra


Sreekanth Sreedharan